Business Representation and Litigation

In a perfect world, every contract and agreement would be followed by all involved resulting in a successful outcome for everyone. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and every business will have to face a difficult and, often expensive, dispute with either clients or partners. When a problem arises, good counsel from an experienced law firm is necessary.

The Gruenloh Law Firm represents employees, employers, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, unions, and associations, which need big law firm experience, individual attention and competitive rates. We have experience resolving both simple and complex business issues throughout the United States.

We understand the devastating effect that litigation can have upon businesses, small and large. If you or your business has been sued or if you have not been provided what you were promised and are due, we can help you achieve the best result as quickly as possible. No issue is too big or too small.

We represent both employers and employees in business interference and misappropriation of trade secret cases. We have extensive experience negotiating and litigating non-disclosure agreements, non-compete clauses and many other facets of employee contracts in all types of business and industry including the health care industry.

We help businesses negotiate and finalize various contracts, including:

  • Commercial leases
  • Construction contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • General business agreements

When it comes to business negotiation and litigation we are problem solvers first and trial-lawyers second. There are three ways to deal with business disputes:

  • Diffusion before the conflict erupts
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Litigation

Litigation can be costly and if you take the wrong approach you can quickly find yourself enmeshed in expensive and time-consuming litigation that can take years to resolve. For that reason, it can be helpful to notice the beginnings of a dispute or contractual problem before it surfaces.

Contract problems, botched deals, and miscommunication are side effects of doing business in today’s fast paced, online world. If the correct approach is taken, these side effects do not have to cost an arm and a leg to resolve. Our approach in business cases is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and prepare it behind closed doors while we attempt to negotiate a solution to your case in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Our success in the negotiation phase is a direct result of our preparation and diligence in building your case. We do not negotiate using threats of litigation. Rather, we negotiate using the factual strengths of our clients’ cases built through diligent preparation and research.

Whether your business needs our experience to help draft contract or a team of dedicated litigators on your side, the Gruenloh Law Firm is here to assist you. No issue is too big or small. Call us now for a free consultation.